Comiket: The Looting


I should probably talk about this a little. When I went to Comiket, I went with the intention to totally dominate the event. I wanted many doujins, I wanted as many of their “novelties” (explain later) as possible. For that purpose, I slept after I have planned my “routes” and was up at 4.30 am everyday to ensure my stuff was packed and that I had all that I need. I was ON POINT.


My interests vary, so there was something, some reason for me to go everyday. AND SO I DID! sure, I didn’t end up getting to see great cosplays (sadface). But, overall, I had a ball of a time! I had loot on all 3 days, though I am missing my day 3’s loot pictures for some reason – BUT IT’S ALL MADOKA, that’s all you need to know lol!


If it isn’t clear in these pictures, and previous pictures, Comiket is attended by thousands of like-minded fans. Comiket has many fan made products that, for many, is only available at Comiket, especially the novelties. Novelties are basically little gifts that each doujin-ka has made, sort of as a thank you, for their fans. These novelties are limited, so once they are gone… THEY ARE GONE. you can potentially buy them from mandarake and other second hand places, but they are often over priced. Eg, the queue you’re looking at is for INUMOG’s latest Tourabu doujin, which came with a choice of 3 novelties. I think they were 2000yen with the novelties. by the time it got to Mandarake, it was 8000 yen for 1 doujin and 3 gifts.

So, yes, they are hot items.


So, why would I attend comiket? what could potentially convince me to join the madness? isn’t that plenty of translated scans online? 

I totally can. But, I truly appreciate fan made stuff… They are so great, I can’t even describe. I even found a continuation of Inuyasha that completely aligned with what I had hope was the ending – that’s how great it was to me. So, sure, there are scans online, but me visiting these artists, throwing my money at them…

I helped a friend bought a doujin last year, and met the artist in place of her. She told me to thank the artist and what not. The artist was sitting in her alley, there was no queue at all in front of her booth. I went in and swooped all the sequels for my friend, and asked the artist to sign. I explained why and who it was for – I swear she was trembling with happiness, to the point where she signed the wrong name on the doujin (her circle name instead of her name). This kind of happiness, I can’t repeat with scanlations.


I follow the artists on twitter these days. I barely really look at my twitter, but, each time there’s a big event, I have a good look. I see them engaging, see the artwork they make in appreciation of all their fans. it made me so happy. That’s what I am supporting – them to continue their art in happiness.


So now I have a bunch of doujin at home, I have barely touched them since I came back XD I have been so busy and I am a slow reader in Japanese. I suppose, by the time I can read them with speed and sureness, I had probably be a retiree. but hey, I love them all the same.


Your otaku-ness cannot compare to the comiket attendees :p

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