Comiket Trip 2015: The fooding


I guess I should really talk more about the comiket trip as I intended. It was probably the most fun I had in 10 days or something, the most tiring and also the most exhilarating. To go back a bit, this particular trip was extremely otaku-themed. I went to the Eva store for a friend, went to pokemon store, went to Otome road… Even the shops next to my hotel had a second hand games shop – was awesome!


So, this particular time, I decided to stay in Uguisudani, as the branch of the chain hotel that I like to stay in happened to have one sitting right on top of a train station that’s on the Yamanote line. Prior to going there, I have figured out that the location is basically a love hotel zone – which led to a few interesting finds around the area. notably, there’s a lot of “street food” in this place and izakaya, which allowed me to prowl as much as I please for interesting foods from back alley shops

Notably, this particular Izakaya across the road. After a long, long day being an otaku, I needed to unwind on good food and decided to try this shop out. There were already a few customers in there at that time, but still seemed a little quiet.

Despite it being a disgustingly hot summer day (Tokyo’s summer is humid, stinkingly humid), I wanted to have some warm comfort food. like udon. So I ordered some Tempura udon, totally anticipating a normal bowl of tempura udon.

then this monstrosity turned up.


I eat alot, but this was beyond me lol! this was a giant bowl of gorgeous udon and tempura (mixed seafood and veggies). The tempura coating was nice and crunchy, the prawns were huge, sweet and delicious. The veggies were soft, melt in your mouth perfection and the udon. oh the udon. perfect al dente. Mmmm thinking about it takes me back.

The serving size was big enough to feed 2 people, yet, I was glad I had it all to myself. 10/10 will return again this year <3

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