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My iPad 3

I lived for quite a while on my old (original) ipad. I say for a while because, compared to my dad and compared to the past… I used to change my gadgetry sometimes every few months, sometimes every year. However, I was quite happy to hang on to my iPhone 3G and my original iPad.

I have mentioned what happened to my iPhone 3G, I have discussed my iPhone 4S, I have also talked about my original iPad… so now, it’s time to talk about my “new iPad”.

If you want the brutal truth about what I feel at the moment, it was more “pissed off” than anything else. not because the hard ware is giving me the shits, but because I bought it 4 weeks before the version 4 was announced. Since I bought it while I was in Singapore, this makes exchanging it a little bit of a bitch. But, that’s nothing to do with the hardware.

In the lead up and then after I went to Singapore in August, I must admit that my iPad got a little slow and frustrating. Things were not getting upgraded anymore, and those that did went “HD” sometimes, and then it was not going to play well. the basic stuff I regularly use still works though – just the bits here and there got frustrating.

I must admit though, my original iPad served me VERY well. It entertains me on long flights, long hours without anything to do – watching movies, tv shows, video podcasts etc. Let’s not forget the multitudes of games…

On the academic side, the apps eventually got better and some were really good for both learning and for the application – ECG, anatomy and physiology, drug lists, case studies etc. Of course, having pdf readers for diagramas and other colored things in my life was great.

During my Japan trip, the best thing about it was that I could immediately offload the pictures from the camera to the iPad, and watch the pictures immediately and adjust it on my ipad. it was SLOW sometimes, really slow – but it was great.

So it was time to move on. In the great “wipe down and rebuild”, I suddenly found myself with a lot of space. I have yet to discover what exactly did I do with 64 gigs of space previously, but I was clearly abusing it for no reason.

Screenshots: iPad 3

Screenshots: iPad 3

Screenshots: iPad 3

Screenshots: iPad 3

As you can see above, I largely cleaned up my act on my apps, thanks to the “folders” ability now. I have also given them largely relevant categories, although, in some cases, they do tend to overflow, such as the med education category.

First things first – duh, it’s faster than the original ipad. Apps don’t hang anymore, phew, that’s a definite given.

In terms of graphics, it is definitely cleaner, crispier. In comparison, my old iPad felt like an old TV: muted pictures so as to cover up the lack of clarity.

However, I do find that the screen is much brighter. I don’t believe there was any changes in that aspect, but I could be wrong. As I tend to view the screen in dark rooms, this is much more obvious to me, and some times painfully so.

Am I happy with the actual hardware? Oh, yes I am. Of course, I was more pissed that I paid the same price for a “lesser” hardware, but it is in no way, really, very deficient. 🙂 It’s more, my quirk.


Maybe, at some point, I will discuss why the hell I bought an iPhone 5.


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