This is so mad

Chrismas is upon us soon! like… within 48 hours! I can’t believe how time flies!

the scary cat

Last year this time I was:

Mad upset with my ex boss.
Ecstatic that I finally got paid out and the amount I got paid out for.
feeling triumphant about that.
Enjoying my new job and colleagues
loving my new ferret
feeling crazed still from the Def Leppard concert.

In this past year I have:

Changed jobs twice.
Followed my dreams/wishes twice.
Overspent many times.
Gave up alot
Met plenty of wonderful new people.
Understood the joy of giving with no expectations
became more introverted.
bought a Kindle

There is so much more that I did this year that is amazing that I can’t list them all. But, in essence, despite my whinging and bloodcurdling bottled up rage, I am happy. I am contented, but I can’t stay in this spot and be complacent.

Thanks so much for your support, lending ears, shoulders, email inboxes… it’s been so wonderful it feels so good.

What I have read this week:
Her Fearful Symmetry by Audrey Niffenegger
Eye of the World by Rober Jordan

I am still going with Eye of the World, but it’s definitely interesting. Her Fearful Symmetry though, somewhat pissed me off. After such a great set-up, great idea at the front, I feel kind of slapped by her anti-climax twist and endings (for main and sub-plot). I hear the time Traveler’s wife is better though, so I am looking forward to the e-book format of it.

on a side note, I have to point out that I have read more in the past month than all of 2005-2008 combined (cookbooks and textbooks don’t count, and even then I haven’t read them cover to cover anyways). It started from finding out more about the Kindle, to full-on usage of my dusty unused account on Librarything and finally to receiving my kindle itself.

Music Played the most: Nil… Been just reading quietly HAHAHAHA

Most Ecstatic Moments this past week:

BB Bag with my Kindle + oberon

receiving my Borsa Bella Bag for the Kindle. And ,ironically, this is also when…

the arrival of presents!

my Librarything‘s Santathing (secret Santa exchange) arrived!

or rather, arrived seperately, lol. as of this moment, I believe I am waiting for 2 more – which is very exciting!

I do adore presents… even those that I gift myself. hell, anything that falls out of my irl inbox is exciting (long as they ain’t bills ~.~) and yes… I still enjoy the lovely thing that’s known as snail mail….


Being able to sit down and have a cuppa and read my book(s)


finding her crazy highness attempting to read and fight the netsuke at the same time. wth HAHAHAHA!

And, the final ecstatic moment…. looking at home loans…….. ^_^v

Most Frustrating Moments:

Asking questions and not getting answers from the relevant authorities -.-
Looking for a proper second job, but knowing I won’t get answers till the new years. ARGH.

What I am looking forward to: Hrm.. besides the usual rest? Just the answers to my queries, to a massive decision, to my mini job hunt.

Biggest Urge of the Week: LUSH!!!!!!

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