I was born in 1981. I grew up with Transformers, Sesame Street, Captain Planet, Paddle Pop, Zero point, whistle candies and no birthday celebrations. I used to be the only child, an experience I still have strong memories of, until I was 8. I had maids until I turned 15 and then my parents decided I just couldn’t get along with anyone.

I am probably the craziest, immature person you would have ever met. To top it all off, I swear alot. It’s a state of personality I actually like, even though I do see the anti-social aspects of it.

I am: a foodie, a dreamer, a gamer, a nurse, a student, a reader, a complainer, a sleeper…

I like: dancing, gaming, playing with gadgets, taking photos, eating, sleeping, cooking, nature, animals, mystery and fantasy books.


I currently have 2 cats. These were my babies. I have no idea where they are now nor how they look like now as they have moved on with my ex. I love them still and miss them everyday. Circumstances meant I couldn’t even keep one of them with me. One day, I will have my own babies again, they won’t be the same, but they will be equally loved.

In the mean time, I bet they are having a whale of a time being all crazy still without me 🙂

I am currently in Australia, terrorising the inmates here.

Currently own:

Iphone 3G iPhone 4S iPhone 5
Dell XPS 1530 MacBook Pro (bloody Dell, finally died, wooha!)
iPad Original iPad 3
Playstation 3
Playstation Vita
Nintendo Wii
Nintendo DS Lite
Ipod Nano 2nd Generation
Canon Ixus point and shoot
Fujifilm Instax 50s instant camera
Polaroid SX70 The Button
a Double bed worth of hello kitties to give everyone nightmares

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